Mitra Ninja

Arrange pickup or drop off your packages directly at the nearest shipping agent

What Is Mitra Ninja?

Mitra Ninja is a PUDO network that makes it easy for you to send packages when they are picked up by a courier or delivered directly to the nearest partner. Business owners with their own shop front can become a Mitra Ninja partner and earn extra cash by helping our shippers with their drop-off orders. This is a low-cost way of creating additional income with minimal disruption to your regular business!
Sending Just One Package? No Problem!

Mitra Ninja accepts single item shipment, just drop off your parcels at nearest Mitra Ninja.

Request Pick-up

Freely to schedule your parcels pick-up by a courier at the nearest Mitra Ninja.

Drop Off

You can directly drop off your parcels to the nearest Mitra Ninja.

Enjoy COD Feature

To use our COD service, you can just let our staff at the PUDO know.

Become a Ninja Retail Partner today

Simply fill out a form with your details and our friendly ninjas will contact you within 2-3 working days.