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Ninja Biz

For businesses shipping less than 150 parcels per month
  • Domestic delivery 
  • Self drop-off or doorstep pickup
  • Single or bulk order creation

Ninja Pro

For businesses shipping more than 150 parcels per month
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Domestic and international delivery
  • Regular doorstep pickups
  • API and webhook management

Packing your parcel

Good parcel packaging can ensure your items get delivered safely and smoothly. This is why we strongly recommend following our packaging guidelines so that your items avoid getting damaged or undelivered due to delivery restrictions.
Packaging Guidelines
  • Important packaging points
  • Protect your parcel from damage

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Prohibited Items
  • Prohibited delivery items
  • Parcel size and weight limitations

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For other enquiries, requests, or feedback, please visit the Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can reach us via email or call us at 1469.

Why is my parcel delivery rejected?

According to our Packaging Guidelines, Ninja Van can reject a parcel delivery if the parcel is not packed or labelled properly.

Why is my parcel repackaged/relabelled without my consent?

Your parcel may be subjected to relabelling and/or repackaging by Ninja Van at your cost if the parcel is not packed or labelled according to our Packaging Guidelines.

How do I track my parcel on

Visit the Tracking page for real-time updates on the status of your parcel delivery.

Got a question?

Our live agents are readily available on NinjaChat.